Printing x magic tricks=TRICK PRINT®

Interactive printing like a magic trick that will amaze you

TRICK PRINT® can be used as a means to "make information interesting" and "entertain visitors".


TRICK PRINT® is an innovative inkjet printing technology that combines magic tricks and printing.

The TRICK PRINT® series is based on the basic requirement of full-color variable visual printing triggered by a certain energy. The triggers for change and the variable phenomena are different for each. In addition, TRICK PRINT® is a reversible printing technology that maintains interactivity (bi-directionality) and can repeat its function when the user intentionally takes action to trigger the variable phenomenon.

trick print

What is TRICK PRINT® used for?

It is easy to understand if you imagine "AR" technology as a benchmark.

What is "AR"? (Augmented Reality )

It is an entertainment technology that digitally creates a virtual world in the real world by combining actual images and video with CG.


TRICK PRINT® is an entertainment technology that creates a simulated trick experience in the real world by combining analog paper media with gimmicks.

AR, VR, and MR are all technologies that allow you to digitally experience the virtual world, but the content of each experience is different.


Trick Reality

A technology that combines magic and printing to achieve a state of pseudo-reproduction on analog paper.


Augmented Reality

The state in which digital objects exist in the real world and the technology to realize it.


Virtual Reality

Technology that allows you to experience the virtual world as if you were actually in it.


Mixed Reality

Technology that can actually manipulate content pulled into the real world.

Cost and man-hours

The same can be said for all AR, VR, and MR: the richer the content, the higher the budget tends to be.

"AR" is a hot technology that is on the rise and will make life more fun and convenient by creating augmented reality.

TR is an interactive information transmission tool just like AR

It is often said that one of the challenges of AR is the long total time required to experience it.

Immediacy is more "TR" than "AR."

"AR" tends to be more successful when it is aimed at core fans than when it is aimed at a universal audience. This is because the barriers to success include the download of dedicated applications, communication environment, and data usage fees.

On the other hand, although the amount of information conveyed is less than digital, "TR" has the immediacy that only analog can provide, making it ideal for all audiences. This is because you can get an immediate and interactive response.

What is the immediacy of analog?

Time required to experience TR

Simply pull the trigger that starts the prepared magic, and experience it with only the guidance of the trigger. Choose a trigger with high affinity to various scenes.

Time required to experience AR

When using the user's device, the experience will take place after downloading the dedicated application. I am concerned about the communication environment and data usage fees.

Time required to experience VR.

The time it takes to put on and take off the device, which requires an instructor to guide you through the process from putting on the device to experiencing it (instructional videos are also acceptable).
  • ・The point is to make the hassle-free uncle want to try it.
  • ・The point is that elderly people who are not good at new things will want to try them.
  • ・The point is to make sure that children who don't have mobile devices want to try it. 

TR" is a printing technology that creates fun like a magic trick, but it is important to link it to solutions that solve problems, not just to provide fun. I believe that it is important for both AR and TR to shift from "great because it is a technology I have never seen before" to "great because it is an experience like this" and "great because it solves a problem like this.

What is the value of TRICK PRINT®?

TRICK PRINT® can be used to create a "curiosity trap" in which the paper changes like a magic trick to the information you want to convey, making it fun and interesting. Trick like magic tricks can create the effects of "fun", "curiosity" and "unexpectedness". We are committed to guiding you to the desired information transmission with the three effects obtained by the magic trick element.


3 effects that can be obtained with magic elements

Showbiz (fun)

Showbiz (fun)

Quizziness (curiosity)

Quizziness (curiosity)

Unexpectedness (eye catching)

Unexpectedness (eye catching)

TRICK PRINT® can be used to create a "curiosity trap" in which the paper changes like a magic trick to the information you want to convey, making it fun and interesting.

TRICK PRINT® can be widely adopted by professional users and light users alike.

TRICK PRINT® is a creative product that can be used to target any demographic. One of the reasons why people choose it is the low barrier to adoption.


Four advantages that make it easy for any demographic to adopt


Easy to installation and plan as it is completed only on paper


Simple to use, intuitive and easy to understand.


Since it is printed, originality (size and design) can be achieved.

low cost

The printed material alone will be interactive.

TRICKPRINT®️ exhibition information
You can find more information about trick print exhibitions and events here.
Go to the facebook page.
Current Exhibition
September 17, 2021 (Friday) - Poster for the movie "Beauty Water
Cinemart Shinjuku (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
Cinemart Shinsaibashi (Chuo-ku, Osaka City)
June 21, 2021 (Monday) - Held throughout the year Zombie Ferris Wheel in Hell  Expo City (Suita City, Osaka Prefecture)
There are many other permanent exhibits. You can also see them in our showroom.

Services for Printers and Inkjet Printers

"TRICK PRINT®", a printing technology that changes the design, can be produced in-house using your own production machines. This service is available for large-format printing and printing industries.

We will sell inks for BLACKLIGHT PRINT and SOLAR PRINT (offset printing and screen printing).

We sell inkjet systems that allow you to output and produce BLACKLIGHT PRINT or SOLAR PRINT on large format inkjet printers in your environment.

We will convert the ai data you send us for FLASH PRINT or RELIGHT PRINT. The converted data can then be output and produced on your large format inkjet printer.