Trickprint®, a new creative expression platform that allows users to participate in digital entertainment projects that are in increasing demand through interactive printing like magic tricks.


The strengths of this service are its "immediacy" and "low cost" due to the simplicity that only analog can offer. It is entertainment that all generations can participate in and enjoy in an instant, thus reducing human retention.

What's New

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  • Only an inkjet printing company can enter the market!A seminar to share how Trick Print works and best practices for new entrants into the 400 billion yen entertainment market. *External link
  • Press Release "A new type of sign with a printed design that moves. The industry's first inkjet sign "LED Relight Fabric" is now available." was distributed.*External link
  • An article on traffic advertisements featuring BELLOWS PRINT was published in Signboard Management Vol. 19, February 1, 2022.
  • Our representative's contribution was published in the "Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan" published by the Imaging Society of Japan.*External link
  • We will exhibit at DMM Online Exhibition "Original Product Development" from February 16 (Wed.) to February 18 (Fri.), 2022 at [SO-KEN Corporation|Compact Food Printer Specialty Store].
  • Press Release "New Safe and Reliable Japanese Latte Printer Goes on Sale! Limited edition of 7 units are now available at a special price for the first campaign" was distributed.*External link
  • 2021-2022 Year-end and New Year holidays
  • The monthly magazine "THE PRITEC NEXT STAGE" published in December 2021 featured the speech of our representative "TrickPrint, a global challenge opened up by interactive printing and a printing solution from a different perspective" at the Printing Technology Roundtable.
  • Our representative will give a lecture at the "495th Printing Technology Conference November 2021" held at Tokyo Women's Plaza in Shibuya, Tokyo.
  • Press Release "So easy, it's not too late! For Halloween decorations & hospitality for visitors" was released. *External link
  • Press Release "Printing + Magic = Trick Print Press Release of "Trick Print: Interactive printing like a surprising magic trick" was released. *External link
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  • Kobayashi will give a lecture on rewrite print and flash print at the exhibition "The Future as Mucha Sees It" held at the art gallery "ii-Crossing" in Iidabashi, Tokyo on July 6.
  • Mr. Kobayashi will give a presentation at Mimaki Engineering's online event "Mimaki Global Innovation Days" on June 3, 2021 at 2pm.
  • Regarding the Golden Week holiday period in 2021
  • In the April 2, 2021 issue of the Yomiuri Shimbun, the fortune book of Ninnaji Temple in Kyoto, which uses solar ink, was introduced together with Sunm Color.
  • What is TRICK PRINT®?

    TRICK PRINT® is an innovative inkjet printing technology that combines magic tricks and printing.

    The TRICK PRINT® series is based on the basic requirement of full-color variable visual printing triggered by a certain energy. The triggers for change and the variable phenomena are different for each. In addition, TRICK PRINT® is a reversible printing technology that maintains interactivity (bi-directionality) and can repeat its function when the user intentionally takes action to trigger the variable phenomenon.

    trick print

    Check out the 30-second video first!


    The triggers for change and variable phenomena are different for each printing technology, with TRICK PRINT® requiring reversibility (bi-directionality) to maintain interactivity and the ability to repeat functions through intentional user actions that trigger variable phenomena.

    What is TRICK PRINT® used for? (Basic)

    Compare with AR Entertainment

    As an entertaining digital experiential tool

    • Participatory
    • Interactive tools
    • Mainly information transmission elements
    Compare with digital decoration

    As an entertaining digital art production tool

    projection mapping
    projection mapping
    • Viewing type
    • Art decoration tools
    Attractive but expensive digital content
    digital AR 1.Digital experiential market 2.Digital art production market AR
    AR VR Touch panel LED Vision Digital Decoration​ Projection Mapping
    AR VR Touch panel​ LED Vision​ Digital Decoration​​ Projection Mapping​​​
      White Space Strategy
    Analog like digital is "Trickprint®".
       ​Unparalleled competitiveness in cospa and immediacy!
    analog Craft Panel Formed objects   Print Sign Graphic Wallpaper  
    Craft Panel Formed objects   Print Sign Graphic Wallpaper​  

    There is a huge gap in price and effectiveness between "analog" and "digital".

    What is the value of TRICK PRINT®?

    TRICK PRINT® can be used to create a "curiosity trap" in which the paper changes like a magic trick to the information you want to convey, making it fun and interesting. Trick like magic tricks can create the effects of "fun", "curiosity" and "unexpectedness". We are committed to guiding you to the desired information transmission with the three effects obtained by the magic trick element.


    3 effects that can be obtained with magic elements

    Showbiz (fun)

    Showbiz (fun)

    Quizziness (curiosity)

    Quizziness (curiosity)

    Unexpectedness (eye catching)

    Unexpectedness (eye catching)

    TRICK PRINT® can be used to create a "curiosity trap" in which the paper changes like a magic trick to the information you want to convey, making it fun and interesting.

    What is TRICK PRINT® used for? (Information page by use)

    TRICK PRINT® can be widely adopted by professional users and light users alike.

    TRICK PRINT® is a creative product that can be used to target any demographic. One of the reasons why people choose it is the low barrier to adoption.


    Four advantages that make it easy for any demographic to adopt


    Easy to installation and plan as it is completed only on paper


    Simple to use, intuitive and easy to understand.


    Since it is printed, originality (size and design) can be achieved.

    low cost

    The printed material alone will be interactive.

    TRICKPRINT®️ exhibition information
    You can find more information about trick print exhibitions and events here.
    Go to the facebook page.

    Services for Printers and Inkjet Printers

    "TRICK PRINT®", a printing technology that changes the design, can be produced in-house using your own production machines. This service is available for large-format printing and printing industries.

    How to make trick print