Expanding analog platform with Trickprint®, interactive printing that is more cost-effective than digital platforms that provide entertainment


Vision, Mission


Creating challenges and making the world more interesting


Creating a platform where anyone can create entertainment tricks inexpensively and easily

Entertaining visitors with entertainment is always in demand. Not only in theme parks and museums, but also in shopping malls, shrines and temples, and other places, there are many ways to entertain visitors. Trickprint ®, a digital-like printing technology, has made it possible to easily create contraptions with a single sheet of printed paper, lowering the hurdle for proposing and introducing entertainment. We hope to make the world more interesting by building an environment in which anyone can create and introduce our products.

Entertainment tricks using digital platforms that are increasingly visible in the city

We are seeing more and more experiential entertainment using digital platforms such as AR, VR, projection mapping, etc.

Digital Stamp Rally

Digital Stamp Rally

VR Goggle Museum

VR Goggle Museum

AR Photo Spot

AR Photo Spot

Digital window display

Digital window display

Projection mapping for commercial facilities

Projection mapping

Attraction touch panel

Attraction touch panel

The world that Trickprint ® is making possible

Similarly, Trickprint ® is an analog platform for experiential entertainment, with a cumulative track record of over 1,000 installations.

Flash Photo Booth

Shopping malls, tourist attractions

Adopted because of immediacy and high participation rates without the need to download an app.

photo booth

Traffic advertising event exhibition

Traffic advertising, OOH, billboards

High affinity as an event to maximize advertising effectiveness

Participatory Transportation Advertising

Museum Learning Exhibit

Museums and event venues

We had given up due to lack of budget, but were able to have a hands-on exhibit with a low budget.

Hands-on Exhibits

Solar fortune-telling

Shrines, temples, castles, tourist facilities

We hired them because it's an experiential event where people don't stay.

Omikuji with letters floating on it

Find the xxx

Exhibitions and Events, Corporate Museum

Previously, we only had printed exhibits, but we were able to adopt them because of their low budgets and short delivery times.

Real Treasure Hunt

Experience Planetarium

Theme parks, educational facilities

We were able to adopt it because even small children who don't have smartphones can enjoy it.

Virtual Planetarium

Detailed information on locations, scenes and uses

Collaboration Room Interior
Hands-on Exhibits
Theme Park Interior
Haunted house trick
car wrapping

What is Trickprint ®? (Product Lineup)

Trickprint® series is available in a total of five types.

Click on the image to play the video.

¥15,510/m (tax included)
Black light changes the picture.​
¥19,140/m (tax included)
The picture changes when exposed to the sun.
¥30,800/m (tax included)
Flash photography changes the picture.
¥25,300/m (tax included)
Light from behind changes the picture.
¥38,500/m² (tax included)
Change the angle of view and the picture changes.

It's in print, but it reacts! it moves! It changes! We have developed our own interactive printing system "Trickprint ®", which is like a magic trick.

Trickprint ® Target Markets

The target market for "Trickprint ®" is the entertainment market that uses digital platforms to entertain visitors. While digital platforms currently dominate experiential entertainment, the analog platform "Trickprint ®", leveraging the development of new printing technology, will create a new segment with the immediacy and low cost of analog and establish a unique positioning. 

AR digital 1.Digital experience-based entertainment project 2.Digital art direction entertainment project AR  
AR VR Touch panel LED Vision Digital Decoration​ Projection Mapping high
AR VR touchpanel​ LED vision​ degital decolation​​ projection mapping
(a few minutes to start the experience) (a few minutes to finish looking).

White Space Strategy

There is a huge gap in price and effectiveness between "analog" and "digital".
Analog like digital is "Trickprint®".
​Unparalleled competitiveness in cospa and immediacy!
analog  Craft Panel Formed objects    Print Sign Graphic Wallpaper  
Craft Panel Formed objects    Print Sign Graphic Wallpaper​  
(a few seconds to start the experience) Immediacy (a few seconds to finish looking). low
  1.Digital experience-based entertainment project 2.Digital art direction entertainment project  
  AR LED Vision  
  VR Digital Decoration​  
  Touch panel Projection Mapping  
  High price  

White Space Strategy

There is a huge gap in price and effectiveness between "analog" and "digital".
Analog like digital is "Trickprint®".
​Unparalleled competitiveness in cospa and immediacy!


  Low price  
  Craft Panel  Print Sign  
  Formed objects Graphic Wallpaper  

We are looking for cooperation partners outside Japan who can produce Trickprint ®.

We are looking for satellite stores that can produce Trickprint series BELLOWS PRINT, FLASH PRINT, and RELIGHT PTINT in-house for the printing and inkjet printing industries. For BLACKLIGHT PRINT and SOLAR PRINT, we sell offset inks, silk screen inks, and inkjet systems.