Designs normally invisible in flash photography appear in light recursion


  • Large-format inkjet printing
flash print


This is a special printing technology that makes a different design from the one you are looking at visible by retroreflecting incident light.
By using the principle of retroreflection, which is the reflection of light when a flash is taken by a smartphone or digital camera, hidden designs and characters can be made to emit light and be recorded by the camera.

Types of triggers to change the design of FLASH PRINT

Flash photography on a smartphone

led ring light


led glasses

Technology Overview

This is a printing technology that emits full-color retroreflective light from a hidden design in relation to the angle of incidence when exposed to strong light such as a camera flash. The retroreflective bead technology makes it possible to reproduce colors by returning light to the same position as the angle of incidence, no matter from which angle the light is irradiated.

About raw materials

General CMYKW inks and retroreflective sheets are used as raw materials. Data conversion by our patented "stacking-less arithmetic data processing" program is required.


About recursive reflection

Printing technology using a special media that collects and reflects light. Normally, when light is reflected on a rough surface, it is reflected diffusely (Fig. 1), while on a glass or metal surface, it is reflected on the opposite side of the incident angle (Fig. 2). In recurrent reflection, the glass beads contained in the media reflect light in the direction of incidence, no matter how distorted the curved surface (Fig. 3).

flash print

(Figure 1)

flash print

(Figure 2)

flash print

(Figure 3)

About Smartphones

As it is easy to experience without installing any application, it can be enjoyed by the generation that is not so good with IT devices.

What are the app download challenges?
children ⇒ Download restrictions, etc.
adult ⇒ It's a hassle, etc.
elderly person ⇒ I don't know how to operate it, etc.

※The advantage of FLASH PRINT is that there is no need for these hassles.

flash print

No install

Children and the elderly can easily experience it.

How to check the flash print

flash print

Luminous flux: 1600lm white handy light is used (Figure 1)/(Figure 2.)

To check the flash print, hold the light to your eye line so that the light returns to your eye position, making it easier to check. (Fig. 1) Also, to check on a smartphone screen, it is easier to check by keeping the light on and focusing on the print. (Figure 2.)

About the finished shape

flash print

The normal look of the design is finished with the vertical lines thinned out.

※Form them with vertical stripes (alternating color, black, color, black...)

About weather resistance

Follow your printer's ink.

Retroreflection according to the angle of incidence

flash print

Retroreflected to angle of incidence

It will be reflected back in the same direction as the angle of incidence of light. It is not visible when the light is not irradiated or from an angle different from that of the irradiated light.

flash print

Notes on the environment

Irradiation light is always present in a general bright environment. If your eye line is on the same line as the irradiated light, you will see the hidden reflected light. This is an unavoidable phenomenon due to technical characteristics.

About FLASH PRINT Changing

flash print

There are two types of problems with flash print design changing: one is caused by the environment and the other is caused by the combination of data.

Data Conversion Services

We will convert the ai data you send us for flash printing. The converted data can then be output and produced on your large format inkjet printer.
In-house production of TRICK PRINT®