By turning the backlight on and off, the design will change.


  • Large-format inkjet printing
relight print


This is a special printing technology that switches to a different design when the printed back side is exposed to light.It is possible to switch to a hidden design or character by holding it up to an electric corton box, indoor lighting, or sunlight. In the case of vehicle windows, the image can be automatically switched between shade and sun.

Types of triggers for changing the design of RELIGHT PRINT

LED Tracing Table

Always-on light function for smartphones (or handy light)

※From the back

Colton Box

Technology Overview

This is a printing technology in which a hidden image appears as transmitted light in full color when illuminated from the back. This is an optical illusion technology that makes it difficult to see colors because the light is focused more on the color than the light.

About raw materials

General CMYKW inks and retroreflective sheets are used as raw materials. Data conversion by our patented "stacking-less arithmetic data processing" program is required.


Example of use for window decoration (vehicle)

It can also be used as a window decoration for buses and trains, where the design changes between sun and shade.

Window signs

How to see in the shade

Window signs

How to see in the sun

RELIGHT PRINT is a process in which the originally visible design is transformed into a different design when the light hits it from behind.

When using the light of a smartphone

This is a creative way to change the design when illuminated from the back of the page with the always-on feature of a smartphone.

relight print
relight print

As it is easy to experience without installing any application, it can be enjoyed by the generation that is not so good with IT devices.

How to check the RELGHT PRINT

relight print

Light source: ED white light guide plate

By placing it on a Colton box or LED light guide plate, you can check the color of the design evenly. The color of the design can be checked by maintaining an appropriate distance even under spotlight or sunlight.

About the finished shape

relight print

The normal look of the design is finished with the vertical lines thinned out.

※Form them with vertical stripes (alternating color, black, color, black...)

Combination with dedicated lighting

relight print

Add movement to the rear light source.

By moving the backlight, the design of the lighted area will change and the inside will become transparent.

relight print

Rear light source illuminated by motion sensor

As you get closer, the sensor reacts and the light source on the back lights up, revealing a different design from the one you normally see.

Data Conversion Services

We will convert the AI data you send us for RELIGHT PRINT. The converted data can then be output and produced on your large format inkjet printer.
In-house production of TRICK PRINT®