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Greetings from the President

Traditionally, the mission of printing has been to convey information, but at SO-KEN, we wanted to add some extra value. That is a "trick". If there are "tricks" in a simple printed material, it can solve a variety of problems.
Depending on the plan, it can also be used to achieve a goal through gamification, which can lead to a solution of other issues while having fun, such as a surprise effect in entertainment or an extension of contact time in advertising and promotion through interactive tricks.

In SO-KEN, we believe that the solution method using the phenomenon called "surprise" and "impression" created by gimmick printing is a product. We will continue to pay attention to gimmick printing, invent original and highly innovative printing methods, and contribute to society by solving problems through gimmicks.

Representative Director Koji Asao

Company Name. SO-KEN Corporation
establishment 2002 (functional inks started in 2007)
representative director Koji Asao
General Manager Akihiro Okamoto
Business Description Development and technical provision of special printing items
Orders and sales of TrickPrint (functional printing)
Internet sales
permission and license Governor of Osaka, License (Han-25) No. 121564 (Building Permit)
Osaka Prefecture Directive No. 777-241 (Management Innovation)
Acquired the angel taxation system (venture investment promotion tax system).
Awarded by the Mayor of Minoh
Location. Osaka Head Office
3F Semba Oscar Building, 3-3-12, Semba Higashi, Minoh City, Osaka, Japan
Tokyo Office Showroom
6F Kanda TS Building, 10-2 Kanda-Kitakitamono-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo