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April 2002 Establishment of SO-KEN KANRI Co. [Capital: 10 million yen]
1.Interior finishing business and wholesale of interior materials
2.Interior finishing business, brokerage and site management
3.Building construction industry
4.Intermediary and site management for building renovation work
5.Intermediary for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of buildings and building accessories
6.Any business incidental to the above
September 2003 Osaka Prefectural General Construction Industry Permission (General-15) No. 121564
December 2004 Development of light-emitting ink TRICK WALL® Trademark registration
February 2006 Companies approved by the Business Innovation Plan Osaka Prefecture Directive No. 777-241
March 2006 TRICK WALL® sales start
July 2006 Merger of A.K. Cleanup Ltd. and Soken Management Co.
September 2007 Formed a business alliance with TOKIWA Industries, Inc. and started sales of TRICK WALL®.
November 2007 TRICK WALL® DUO sales start.
May 2008 LED lighting fixtures for TRICK WALL® are now available.
October 2008 Osaka Prefectural General Construction Industry Permit (General-20) No. 121564
February 2009 TRICK SHOP website open
August 2009 Increased capital to 20 million yen (including 5 million yen in reserves) Changed company name from SO-KEN KANRI to SO-KEN
November 2009 Black light specialty store "Trick" started.
TRICK PRINT® Trademark registration
December 2009 Capital increased to 26.8 million yen (including capital reserves).
August 2010 Office moved to 3F Senba Oscar Building, 3-3-12 Senba Higashi, Minoh City, Osaka 562-0035, Japan
November 2010 Launched sales of the TRICK PRINT® system both in Japan and overseas (offset&inkjet)
January 2011 Distributorship agreement with Kobundo Co.
April 2011 Concluded a sales agency agreement with Fang Zheng Digital and Kobayashi Printing in China.
November 2012 We've created a series of TRICK PRINT. 
Development of multiple functional inks
March 2013 CreativePrint.COM, a store specializing in interesting inks, launches website
Launch of SOLAR PRINT inkjet printing service
July 2013 Formed a capital tie-up and business alliance with Tokyo lithmatic Corporation.
Increased capital to 40 million yen (including capital reserves).
July 2013 Tokyo Branch Office opened.
October 2013 Osaka Prefectural General Construction Industry Permit (General-25) No. 121564
September 2014 We have been adopted as a subsidy for the second round of the fiscal 2013 supplementary subsidies for small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses' innovation in manufacturing, commerce and services.
November 2014 Opened a food printing plant in Suita City, Osaka (Opened Esaka Service Center).
Licensed as a food manager and confectionery manufacturer
July 2017 We were selected for "Booming 2.0", a growth-oriented founder support program.
Osaka Prefecture Venture Business Growth Project "Booming!"
October 2017 10/24 Participated in INNOVATION LEADERS SUMMIT.
We have been selected as one of the top 100 most popular companies at the 4th Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS2016).
August 2017 Certified by the Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry as a "Management Power Improvement Plan".
October 2017 10/11 Participated in INNOVATION LEADERS SUMMIT. He spoke at the Japan Finance Corporation Venture Pitch.
May 2018 Invented FLASH PRINT to start a "patent fee business".
May 2019 Develops and releases "RELIGHT PRINT", the fourth in the TRICK PRINT® series.
May 2020 The project was adopted by the National Institute of Information and Training in Industrial Property (INPIT) in the "Support Project for Analysis and Utilization of Patent Information by Small and Medium Enterprises" project concept - research and development and application stage.
January 2021 The fifth product in the TRICK PRINT® series, "BELLOWS PRINT" has been developed and will be released jointly with Tokyo Lithmatic Co.