Past Media Coverage

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Here is a list of past newspaper articles. Click on the images to see the details.

newspaper company Yomiuri Shimbun
Date of issue April 2, 2021
Omikuji with special ink!
newspaper company Sogo Hodo
Date of issue February 5, 2021
Graphics change depending on the viewing angle.
newspaper company Nikkoren
Date of issue February 1, 2021
Industry's first "BELLOWS PRINT" with graphics that change depending on the angle of view
newspaper company Sogo Hodo
Date of issue November 15, 2020
Non-contact Stamp Rally Utilizing Special Printing Technology
newspaper company The Printing News
Date of issue May 10, 2018
Picture appears when flash is taken.
newspaper company Nikkei Business Daily
Date of issue July 7, 2016
Ink that floats in sunlight
newspaper company Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Date of issue January 11, 2016
Development of sunlight reaction inks
newspaper company Printing Times
Date of issue January 1, 2016
From printing just to see to printing to experience
newspaper company Osaka Nichinichi Shimbun
Date of issue December 2015
Special ink stimulates the senses
newspaper company Japan Food Journal
Date of issue December 14, 2015
Capital loan application JFC to SO-KEN
newspaper company Food Journal
Date of issue April 17, 2015
Direct Food Printer
newspaper company Nikkei MJ
Date of issue April 1, 2015
Printing on thick confectionery