The 495th Meeting of the Society for Printing Science and Technology, November 2021

Our representative will give a lecture at the "495th Printing Technology Conference November 2021" held at Tokyo Women's Plaza in Shibuya, Tokyo.


Summary of the meeting
The Society for Technical Discussion of Printing is a study group to discuss and deepen various issues related to printing with experts, and has been active since June 1976, 11 times a year, and is open to graduates of the printing course at Tokyo Polytechnic University and anyone interested in printing technology.

Title. The Global Challenge of Interactive Printing
TrickPrint, a printing solution with a different perspective
Lecturer SO-KEN Corporation
Mr. Koji Asao, President and Representative Director
Outline of the lecture We will verify with the participants that printing with "TrickPrint" can be an interactive entertainment tool. In doing so, we would like to discuss the advantages of "TrickPrint" and its appropriate use compared to "AR" which is becoming popular in the printing industry. The shift to digital technology is the trend of the times, but the more it permeates, the more we will reaffirm the value of analog technology. entitled "With Digital," we believe that analog should evolve to fill in the gaps of digital, and we must stay close to the trends of the times, identify the essential value, and I believe that it will become increasingly important to keep up with the trends of the times, identify essential values, and provide solutions. I would like to change my perspective and pursue the possibilities of printing together with you all again.
Lecturer Profile After graduating from university, he established a building cleaning and interior work company (1997). In 2014, the company entered into a capital alliance with a major printing company (Japan Sohatsu Group) to learn about the printing industry. The company's strength lies in its ability to create and develop new inkjet products, and by utilizing its accumulated past development assets and network, it is currently promoting its own brand of TrickPrint series as a marketable solution both in Japan and overseas.
Date and time Friday, November 19, 2021, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Location Tokyo Women's Plaza, Conference Room 2
Participation Fee Regular meeting: 1,000 yen (at the site)

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