Dentsu Tec "BAE": Dramatic changes when photographed with a smartphone, and the potential of flash printing

Dentsu Tec's web content "BAE" featured our FLASH PRINT in its special feature "Amazing printing technology that is effective only in the age of smartphones" (Part 1, September 20, 2018) and "Creating content that effectively shows printing technology that enjoys change" (Part 2, September 21, 2018).

Web site name Dentsu Tec "BAE".
Special Collection Name Dramatic change when shooting with a smartphone, the potential of FLASH PRINT Part 1: Amazing printing technology that is effective in the age of smartphones
Part 2: Creating content that effectively showcases printing technology to enjoy change
Publication date Thursday, September 20, 2018 *Part 1
Friday, September 21, 2018 *Part 2

release data | 2018.9/21