How to create data

  • Large-format inkjet printing

Creating data for BELLOWS PRINT

BELLOWS PRINT allows you to switch between two designs: one visible from the right and one from the left, or one visible from above and one visible from below. Also, by placing the data in a layer called "CL", you can create a design that is always visible in any state. Small text that is obscured by the stripes can be placed in this layer.

Changing expressions

This is an expression that changes the design when the angle of view changes.

View from the left View from the right
Layer for left (3L)

Layer for left (3L)

Layer for right (3R)

Layer for right (3R)

Layers visible from any angle (CL)

Layers visible from any angle (CL)

How to create basic data (Illustrator AI format)

About creating data in Illustrator AI format

Basic data creation is done in Illustrator AI format.

About data creation

Please create the file in Adobe Illustrator and create it as an ai file.
Color mode
The color mode should be CMYK color.
Do not use RGB or spot color.
Order of Layers in Illustrator
T Trim marks (blank if not needed)
CL Normal design without striping (blank if not needed)
3R Design seen from the right side
3L Design seen from the left side.
When placing images, please use a high resolution (300dpi recommended) and embed the images. (If the image is embedded in a link, please send the image data as well.
Within B1 size The standard size is 300dpi.
If the resolution is less than 300dpi, the image may not be printed clearly.
A0 size or larger The standard size is 72 to 150 dpi.
Text and fonts
Please make sure to outline the text. Due to the stripes on the surface, we recommend a font size of 60pt or larger.
Please use alphanumeric characters for file names. A resolution of 100 dpi or higher is recommended for long documents, and 300 dpi or higher is recommended for documents of A2 or smaller. If the resolution is less than 300dpi, the image may not be printed clearly.
Printable range
There is a limit to the height of the art board. The height of the art board is limited to "h2520mm" including the dragonfly.

Create a layer (Illustrator AI format)

Create a "3L" layer and place the design for the left.

Layer Position 3L should be placed below 3R.

Create a "3R" layer and place the design for the right side.

Create a "CL" layer and place designs or text that you do not want to be striped.

The absence of stripes makes it easier to see small letters and logos.


About Data The data of other layers (3L, 3R) that overlap with the data of this layer have priority over the data of this layer, regardless of the angle, and cannot be seen.
About layers Please even if you don't need a "CL" layer, create one and display it.
Font The font in this layer is 7pt or larger.

Create a "T" layer and place trim marks on it.

Create and display a "T" layer even when you don't need trim marks.

Always display layers in the order of "T", "CL", "3R", and "3L" from the top.

Create only four layers (1) to (4) above, and be sure to remove the lock.
All layer names should be in uppercase.
Make sure to outline your fonts.
Image placement should be embedded.

When viewed from the left When viewed from the right

How to make the part you want to show from every angle.

Place text and other areas that you do not want to be striped on a layer called "CL". The CL layer of the unstriped area will remain unchanged from any angle. The following is an explanation of how to create data for unstriped areas.

Layer for left view(3L)

Layer for left view(3L)

Layer for right view(3R)

Layer for right view(3R)

Unchanged layers(CL)

Unchanged layers(CL)

Enlarged image

Enlarged image

Other data creation (other than Illustrator AI format)

Creating data in formats other than Illustrator AI

If your data is only images, you can submit your data in formats other than Illustrator AI.

Supported Formats
PSD format, TIFF format, JPEG format
Please prepare two types of data: data visible from the right side and data visible from the left side.
Please specify the specification (right or left) in each data name.
The two types of data must be the exact same size. We cannot accept data of different sizes.
We will output the data as it is submitted. Please note that the output image may be rough depending on the cause such as the data submitted is small or the resolution is rough.
If there is a difference in brightness (white to black) between the right and left side of the image, the left and right sides may appear to overlap.